PhoneBunch Team

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Abhinav Pathak

Abhinav Pathak (Editor-in-Chief)

Abhinav Pathak likes all things tech, with major focus on smartphones and mobile computing. He has a profound interest in music, movies, gadgets and good food. His passion for coding translates into developing web-services and apps for android.

Mohit Kuldeep

Mohit Kuldeep (Senior Editor)

Mohit Kuldeep has done his BTech and MTech from IIT Delhi, and loves to code. In his spare time he writes for PhoneBunch on emergent technologies and the mobile industry. He enjoys playing Cricket, listening to music alongwith development in PHP and Java.

Ashwini Kuldeep

Ashwini Kuldeep (Associate Editor)

I am an avid tech enthusiast and most of the time you will either see me playing games on my PC or trying to find some gadgets.

Prajyot Singh

Prajyot Singh (Intern)

Prajyot loves tech, mainly smartphones and PCs. Apart from tech, he is interested in movies, sitcoms and food.

Sharun Mittal

Sharun Mittal (Intern)

A big tech geek. Passionate about all the new happenings in the world of tech and a big cricket follower as well.