Apple iOS 18 launched at WWDC 2024 with New Customization Options, Apple Intelligence

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Apple WWDC24 iOS 18 launch.

At WWDC 2024, Apple provided a sneak peek into iOS 18, a significant update introducing new customization features and the debut of Apple Intelligence, promising a smarter and more personalized experience across iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices.

Key Features of iOS 18 -

New Customization Options -

iOS 18 Home Screen Dark Effect design.

Users can now personalize their Home Screen, Lock Screen, and Control Center with greater flexibility.

  • Home Screen - Arrange apps and widgets anywhere on the screen, including above the dock, and resize widgets for a tailored appearance.
  • Control Center Redesign - Access daily controls more conveniently with customization options for media playback, Home controls, and connectivity, including support for third-party app controls.

iOS 18 Control Center.

  • Lock Screen Customization - Switch or remove controls at the bottom of the Lock Screen and utilize the Action button on iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max for quick access.

Photos App Enhancements -

iOS 18 Photos App.

  • Unified View - Simplifies browsing with a streamlined grid view and introduces new collections, enabling users to explore themes without the need for content organization into albums.
  • Carousel View - Showcases favourite individuals, pets, locations, and more, featuring autoplaying content across the application. Users can personalize the app for organizing and pinning collections to their liking.

Enhanced Messaging -

iMessage has been enhanced with dynamic text effects, enabling users to animate letters, words, phrases, or emojis.

iOS 18 iMessage.

  • Personalization - users can employ various formatting options such as bold, underline, italics, and strikethrough. Additionally, Tapbacks now accommodate any emoji or sticker, and users have the ability to schedule messages.
  • RCS Support - Richer media and more dependable group messaging for non-Apple contacts.
  • Messages via Satellite - In situations where cellular and Wi-Fi connections are unavailable, Messages via Satellite allows for the transmission of text, emoji, and Tapbacks over iMessage and SMS, ensuring end-to-end encryption.

Mail Enhancements -

iOS 18 Mail App.

  • Emails are categorized directly on the device into Primary, Transactions, Updates, and Promotions.
  • A novel digest view gathers pertinent emails from businesses, facilitating rapid scanning.

Safari Updates -

iOS 18 Safari app Updates.

Safari now provides simplified information discovery through Highlights and an updated Reader experience. Machine learning technology uncovers crucial webpage details such as summaries, locations, and music tracks.

Passwords App -

iOS 18 Passwords App.

The recently introduced Passwords app, constructed upon Keychain, offers effortless accessibility to passwords, passkeys, Wi-Fi credentials, and verification codes. It also incorporates notifications for weak or recycled passwords, as well as those associated with known data breaches.

Privacy Features -

iOS 18 boosts user management capabilities concerning app visibility, contact sharing, and accessory connections.

iOS 18 Privacy Features.

  • Locked and Hidden Apps - Users have the option to lock or conceal apps, ensuring the privacy of notifications and content.
  • Selective Contact Sharing - Users can opt to share particular contacts with apps, providing greater control over personal information.
  • Accessory Privacy - Seamless connectivity with third-party accessories is facilitated without disclosing all devices on a network.

iOS 18 Privacy 2.

Apple Intelligence -

Apple Intelligence elevates writing and communication capabilities across iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia.

iOS 18 Apple Intelligence.

  • Writing Tools - These systemwide utilities enable text rewriting, proofreading, and summarization within various applications.
  • Image Playground - Users can craft engaging images using Animation, Illustration, or Sketch styles.
  • Memories in Photos - This feature generates narratives from selected photos and videos while eliminating distracting elements.
  • Advanced Siri - Enhancing natural and contextually relevant interactions, Siri now offers more nuanced text and voice options.
  • Private Cloud Compute - Striking a balance between on-device processing and server-based models ensures user privacy.
  • ChatGPT Integration - Users gain access to ChatGPT for expert advice and image/document comprehension.

Additional Features -

iOS 18 Apple Maps and Tap to Cash.

  • Apple Maps now enables users to explore hiking trails in national parks, craft personalized walking routes, and save favourite locations for offline access.
  • Game Mode ensures consistent frame rates and responsive accessories, enhancing the overall gaming experience.
  • With Apple Pay, users can redeem rewards, manage instalments, and utilize Tap to Cash for swift transactions.
  • SharePlay with Apple Music facilitates shared music control, fostering a more engaging listening session.
  • AirPods receive enhancements including personalized interactions with Siri, enhanced call quality, and reduced audio latency for gaming.
  • The Notes app offers instant solutions for formulas and equations, collapsible sections, and the ability to highlight important information.

iOS 18 Math Notes Journal insights Health App data Home Screen Access.

  • The Journal app features an Insights view, advanced search and sorting capabilities for entries, mindful minutes tracking, and a Journal widget.
  • Calendar integrates seamlessly with Reminders, introduces an updated month view, and improves task management functionality.
  • The Health app boasts a redesigned Medical ID, improved understanding of pregnancy-related data, and emergency SOS live video capabilities.
  • The Home app now offers guest access control, hands-free unlock with home keys, and insights into energy usage.
  • Accessibility features such as Eye Tracking, Music Haptics, and Vocal Shortcuts enhance the user experience for individuals with diverse needs.

Availability -

Apple iOS 18 features.

  • Developer Beta is accessible via the Apple Developer Program.
  • Public Beta will be available through the Apple Beta Software Program next month.
  • The Full Release of iOS 18 is slated for this fall as a complimentary update for iPhone Xs and newer models.
  • The Beta version of Apple Intelligence is accessible on iPhone 15 Pro, Pro Max, and M1 iPad and Mac devices featuring U.S. English Siri.