Flipkart is randomly cancelling Redmi 3s Prime orders from the Big Billion Days sale without any reason

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redmi 3s prime order cancelled

Chances are that the Redmi 3S or Redmi 3S Prime that you ordered during the Big Billion Days sale on Flipkart is never going to make it to your hands. It has come to our attention that Redmi 3S/Prime orders are being cancelled randomly by Flipkart, without any proper reason.

Umang Bihani - State Bank Assistant Manager, ordered the Redmi 3S Prime during the sale and he was shocked to find that the order was cancelled today morning without any communication from Flipkart. Later when he tried reaching out to their customer care, they said that the order was refunded as the executives weren't able to find his house and they called multiple times. Umang disagrees, saying that there was no call received and furthermore, he has received 3 packages from Flipkart on the same address within the last three days, purchased during the same Big Billion Days Sale.

This was the reply received by Umang Bihani on Twitter from Flipkart:

The order stands cancelled due to logistical constraints. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Umang is not alone, if you search on Twitter there are multiple reports of Redmi 3S and other orders being cancelled by Flipkart without any prior notification to customers or with some arbitrary reason given when you reach out to customer care.

redmi 3s order flipkart cancellation

We understand that Flipkart is giving full refund to affected customers, but the lack of information on their part alongwith the inability to fulfill completed orders is hardly acceptable. It seems they just didn't have enough units in stock and are now resorting to deceiving their customers by showing that their orders were shipped but then refunded at the last moment.

Just yesterday we heard, how Xiaomi had sold 500,000 smartphones in just 72 hours, what we didn't hear was how many of those orders were actually fulfilled.

We have reached out to both Flipkart and Xiaomi for a comment, and will update the post if and when we receive it.

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