Google Now on Tap understands manually selected text, images

By on Email @MohitKuldeep

Now On Tap Update

Google has started rolling out an update to Now on Tap, its contextual search engine on Android. With the new update you will be able to manually select text that you want information on and this time around Now on Tap can also understand content of images.

So, instead of trying to find the gist in your conversation automatically, you can now manually select the text you want some information on, once done just long tap on the home button to bring up Now on Tap.

Image recognition has also received an update with Now on Tap able to recognize content especially if the image occupies most of the phone/tablet display. The image searching capabilities work in the camera app as well, where a still from the viewfinder is captured to bring out contextual results. Would be great when you are travelling and want to know more about a place/monument.

The update is being rolled out gradually, and may take some time to reach all devices.

Source: Google