Google's Pixel 9 Series could Feature Advanced Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner

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google pixel 9 Pro ultrasonic fingerprint scanner leak.

Google is preparing to launch its next Pixel Series smartphones, the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro in the Global Market including India, which will reportedly introduce a faster and more reliable ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, according to Android Authority.

This new technology is set to replace the optical under-display fingerprint sensor found in the Pixel 6, enhancing its ability to read wet or oily fingerprints. The shift to ultrasonic sensors addresses previous issues related to varying light conditions and dryness of fingers that could affect the performance of optical readers.

Unlike optical scanners that use light to detect fingerprint patterns, which can be hindered by dirt or imperfections, ultrasonic sensors operate by bouncing ultrasonic pulses off fingerprints, ensuring greater accuracy even in low-light environments.

According to reliable source Kamila Wojciechowska, the Pixel 9 will feature Qualcomm’s 3D Sonic Gen 2 (QFS4008) sensor, the same model utilized in the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. The report specifies that this new ultrasonic fingerprint technology will be integrated into all Pixel 9 models except for the upcoming Fold 2, which will retain its fingerprint sensor embedded in the power button.

Further details are anticipated to be disclosed during Google’s Pixel 9 hardware event scheduled for August 13th.