Google Unveils 'Clementine' and 'Kiyomi' Codenames; Possible Indicators of Pixel Tablet 2 Development

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google pixel tablet 2 codename leak.

The most recent Android beta release has revealed two fresh codenames, indicating the potential development of a successor to the Pixel Tablet, as outlined by 9to5Google. Throughout the Pixel Tablet's development, it was internally referred to by two distinct codenames – "Tangor" and subsequently "Tangorpro," with the latter being the one eventually released last year as the Pixel Tablet.

Another codename noticed alongside the tablet was "Citron," although the device it referred to remains unconfirmed. Similarly, two versions of the Pixel Tablet's bundled dock were in the works – "Korlan" and "Yuzu," yet only one style made it to release. The codenames employed for the Pixel Tablet series consistently follow a fruit-themed pattern, particularly from the citrus family.

With the debut of the initial beta of Android 14 QPR3 for Pixel phones, 9to5Google discovered new entries in the code – "Clementine" and "Kiyomi," both previously unencountered. These designations are connected to citrus fruits, with a tangor being a blend of sweet orange and another citrus fruit, while Clementine and Kiyomi represent specific examples.

Though Android 14 QPR3 does not explicitly detail the nature of devices Clementine and Kiyomi signify, the citrus association hints at the potential development of a Pixel Tablet 2, according to the report.