How to play Valorant on your Phone?

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valorant game mobile phone.

Valorant, developed by Riot Games, has captured the gaming world with its immersive gameplay and strategic team-based action. Although the game is currently available exclusively for PC, there is some information about the mobile version of the game.

Do you enjoy playing the popular first-person shooter game Valorant? Do you wish to experience its thrilling gameplay on your mobile device? It's not that simple, but there is some useful information you should know.

Valorant Gameplay for Smartphone

Similar to other shooter games adapted for mobile devices, recreating the high-quality graphics found in the PC versions requires time. Riot Games will need to build the game from scratch to fully optimize it for Android and iOS devices.

Since this will be an entirely new game, it's unlikely to support cross-progression, although Riot Games hasn't provided any information about this yet. Due to differences in skills and mechanics, Valorant Mobile probably won't be cross-platform with the PC version either.

All we can do at the moment is follow the news and wait. To make the wait less boring, try unlocking global servers in Valorant with a VPN to experience the game's differences in terrain. While you are thinking, can you use a VPN on Valorant, many gamers are already freely switching between servers all over the world. A VPN allows you to check whether users from the United Arab Emirates are really that good at playing, while those in the US have a lower level of difficulty. Quite intriguing, isn't it? Just use VeePN and you can answer these questions. You can start with a free trial period, and then make a decision.

Is it possible to play Valorant on mobile?

Latest update on April 7th, 2022: Valorant Mobile tests appear to have already begun in China. Screenshots were shared by @DannyINTEL, revealing the starting screen, agent selection, main menu, and gameplay.

From the final screenshot, we can observe the active buttons' placement. On the left side, we have a joystick for moving the agent. On the right side, we find buttons for firing, reloading, jumping, sitting down, and, of course, using abilities. The HP bar, gun icon, and bullet count are located in the center. Exciting stuff!

The beta version in China that we've all heard about is still in its early stages. However, there is a chance to get into it if you are very lucky. You can try downloading iOS VPN and apply for the open beta as soon as it becomes available. This is a great chance to test the game and improve your skills.

What is the release date of the Valorant mobile?

Valorant Mobile, a highly anticipated game, has been in development for more than three years but is not yet available to play. The official release date has not been announced by Riot Games, which has left players eagerly waiting. There have been leaks and even a Closed Beta in China, suggesting a potential release in late Q4 of 2024 for Valorant Mobile.

valorant mobile game release date.

Recent rumors are circulating that an international beta for Valorant Mobile could possibly launch as early as December 2023, although Riot Games has not confirmed this.

Anna Dolan, the dedicated studio head for Valorant, has openly shared the challenges in developing the game and acknowledges that progress on the mobile version has been slower than anticipated. Data miners have discovered files related to Valorant Mobile in recent Valorant PBE patches, indicating that a Valorant Mobile beta might be just around the corner.


Valorant Mobile is not available to the public yet, but we know that day will come. While we all wait for it, let's play Valorant on PC.