itel POWER series smartphones are set to be launched in India on February 2024

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itel Power Play Smartphones launch soon India.

itel is preparing to introduce a fresh lineup of smartphones known as the Power series, in collaboration with Google, with the aim of delivering groundbreaking features. The inaugural model within this series will debut the global-first Android 14 Go Edition, marking the advent of a new era termed POWER Play.

Following its successful launches in 2023, itel remains committed to delivering value and pioneering features to its users. With a substantial user base of approximately 10 crores in India, itel's forthcoming release endeavors to redefine the smartphone landscape.

itel Power Play Smartphones launch soon India teaser.

The itel POWER Series pledges exceptional performance, rapid charging, and an enriched Android experience, catering to the creativity and productivity of Gen-Z. Users will have the opportunity to personalize their experience with a variety of potent options tailored to their individual requirements.

Expected to encompass three models tailored to diverse user preferences, the Power Series is poised to revolutionize the smartphone market. The initial model, developed in collaboration with Google, is anticipated to debut a pioneering global-first Android Version, offering an innovative user experience.

The second model is projected to prioritize ultra-fast charging for swift power replenishment, while the third model distinguishes itself with an exclusive India-first memory feature.

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Reportedly, the itel POWER series is scheduled to be launched in February 2024, with all three new models expected to be accessible for purchase on Amazon India.