LG UltraGear 2024 OLED 4K gaming monitors launched Globally with 240Hz Refresh Rate, G-Sync/FreeSync Support

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lg ultragear 2024 launch price features.

LG Electronics has unveiled five fresh gaming monitors within the 'LG UltraGear OLED' range, building on the CES 2024 announcement. Among them, the '32GS95UE' stands out as the world's inaugural monitor certified by VESA for 'dual mode.'

This innovative feature empowers users to seamlessly toggle between a high refresh rate mode (FHD∙480Hz) and a high-resolution mode (4K∙240Hz) on the same display at the touch of a button. Such versatility ensures uninterrupted gaming for intense action sequences and delivers vibrant visuals for high-definition content.

Moreover, the '32GS95UE' marks LG's premiere integration of 'Pixel Sound Technology,' delivering clearer audio directly from the display through vibrating film components embedded in the panel. This advancement promises a more immersive auditory experience for users.

lg ultragear 2024 OLED 32 inch price features.

The monitor boasts AGLR (Anti-Glare & Low-Reflection) technology on its 32-inch 4K OLED panel, mitigating light reflections and ensuring a smooth, clear display of fast-paced game screens with an impressive GTG response speed of up to 0.03ms.

Additionally, it supports a range of gaming-centric convenience features such as 'VESA Adaptive Sync' technology, G-SYNC Compatible, and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

LG Electronics is also introducing curved OLED gaming monitors, including the '34/39GS95QE' models. These monitors feature a WQHD resolution screen with an 800R curvature and a 21:9 aspect ratio, offering an immersive gaming experience along with an enhanced design.

Furthermore, LG is expanding its UltraGear OLED gaming monitor lineup with a 45-inch curved OLED monitor (45GS96QB) and a 27-inch OLED monitor (27GS95QE), further diversifying its gaming monitor offerings.

LG UltraGear OLED Gaming Monitor 32GS95UE, 39GS95QE, 34GS95QE , 27GS95QE, 45GS95QE, 45GS96QB Specifications -

LG Ultragear 4K OLED monitors features.

Pricing and Availability -

The items will be accessible for purchase on LG's online brand store (LGE.COM) beginning April 8th, with the following pricing -

  • 32GS95UE - 1.99 million won (USD 1476 or Rs. 1,23,080 approx.).
  • 27GS95QE - 1.49 million won (USD 1105 or Rs. 92,155 approx.).
  • 34GS95QE - 1.89 million won (USD 1401 or Rs. 1,16,895 approx.).
  • 39GS95QE - 2.39 million won (USD 1772 or Rs. 1,47,820 approx.).
  • 45GS96QB - 2.59 million won (USD 1921 or Rs. 1,60,190 approx.).

In regard to the launch, Lee Yoon-Seok, Head of LG Electronics' IT Business Department, remarked:

Our dedication lies in providing customers with the epitome of gaming excellence, showcasing robust performance and unrivaled OLED visual clarity. This encompasses pioneering the globe's premier resolution and refresh rate transition capabilities, guaranteeing an unparalleled gaming journey.