MediaTek announces Helio P15 octa-core processor with GPU improvements

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mediatek helio p15

Just at the heels of Qualcomm unveiling its upgraded budget and mid-range chips, MediaTek also decided to show off the Helio P15 octa-core chipset with minor improvements in performance both general and graphics.

The Helio P15 is the successor of the P10 chipset from the company. It is built on TSMC 28nm process as the P10 with 8 Cortex-A53 cores. The clock speed has been increased to 2.2GHz up from 2.0GHz earlier and the Mali-T860 MP2 dual-core GPU has also received a 100MHz boost to 800 MHz.

MediaTek says that overall there is a 10% performance improvement with the new chipset but don't count on much in the way of battery life improvements since its built on the same 28nm process. The Helio P10, Helio X10 and X20 haven't found much faith among consumers atleast outside China. In terms of battery life as well as performance, Qualcomm's mid-range chips have them beat.

There hasn't been much improvement in connectivity options either. Even the new Helio P15 still supports upto Cat.6 LTE speeds which is decent for a budget chipset and you do get VoLTE support as well. But innovation has become stagnant at MediaTek. Qualcomm showed everyone that a set of dual-core processors in their Snapdragon 820 chipset can outperform pretty much everything out in the market with great battery-life no less.

Source: MyDrivers