Microsoft unveils Surface Pro 3 with 12-inch display, Corei7 in a neat 9.1 mm thin body, available on pre-order

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Surface Pro 3 Official

Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro 3 yesterday ready to take on your laptop. The Surface Pro 3 comes with a large 12-inch (2160x1440 Pixels, 3:2 Aspect Ratio) display compared to the 10.1-inch on the Surface Pro 2. It is also 10% faster thanks to the new Corei7 chip powering the innards. But that's not all.

The Surface Pro 3 is impossibly thin for such a well spec'd machine at just 9.1 mm and weighs around 800 grams. Now this is definitely not just a tablet, but more a laptop replacement. There's a Type Cover as well as a new "Friction" Kickstand.

Surface Pro 3 Friction Kickstand

The new Type Cover has better tactile response as well as a much better trackpad with multi-gesture support. The new Friction Kickstand will allow you to tilt the Surface Pro 3 upto 150 degrees, apart from the usual fixed positions, a welcome change making it easier to prop it on your Lap. There's also a new Surface Pen which adds better handwriting recognition and coupled with palm rejection on the Pro 3, you get an excellent tablet for drawing.

The Surface Pro 3 has been priced at $799 for the Corei3 model and is now on pre-order. The Corei5 model comes in at $999 and while the most powerful Corei7 variant is available on pre-order as well for $1549.

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