Moto Mods back panels for the Moto Z 2016 leak online

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Moto X 2016 Moto Mods Cases

Last time we heard the Moto X 2016 would be renamed to the Moto Z and it would have a modular component to it.

The modular components may be called Moto Mods and here's our first look at them thanks to Evan Blass.

From the images its clear that the top most back panel is a complete camera case with its own sensor, a brighter flash, grip and shutter button. The middle one looks like a battery case with a stand while I really can't fathom what the last one is all about.

The new Moto X 2016 or Moto Z is expected to launch on June 9 2016 at Lenovo's Tech World 2016 conference.