OnePlus Ace 3 Pro to be launched on June 27th with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC, 6100mAh glacier battery alongside new smartwatch, earbuds, and tablet

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oneplus ace 3 pro launch date cn.

OnePlus has confirmed the launch of its latest smartphone in the Ace series, the OnePlus Ace 3 Pro on June 27th in China, after rumours and teasers. The company also shared an image of the phone in its Ceramic White colour variant. The image reveals a familiar camera design with triple rear cameras and a flash positioned in the corner. The company also confirmed that the phone will run on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC.

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The Ace 3 Pro will be the first phone to feature a 6100mAh Glacier Battery, developed in collaboration with CATL for high-performance mobile phones. OnePlus stated that this battery incorporates “3 new self-developed technologies and 10 industry-leading technologies,” offering high energy density, compact size, stable power output, long battery life, fast charging, and other features, along with two industry-firsts.

6100mAh Glacier Battery -

OnePlus Ace 3 Pro with 6100mAh Glaicer Battery cn.

The OnePlus Glacier Battery is touted as the industry leader in silicon-carbon anode battery capacity, boasting 6100mAh. Compared to standard 5000mAh graphite batteries, it offers an additional 1100mAh capacity and a 3% reduction in volume.

The Glacier Battery uses a unique “high-capacity bionic silicon-carbon material” and incorporates “low-expansion second-generation silicon” in its design. It features the industry’s highest 6% negative electrode silicon-carbon content, with a gram capacity of 426mAh/g—20% higher than the 355mAh/g of conventional graphite battery electrodes. The energy density reaches 763Wh/L.

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The positive voltage of the Glacier Battery can reach 4.53V, supported by a “new voltage stabilization architecture design,” which ensures consistent performance across various usage scenarios. In daily use, the instantaneous voltage drop is less than 2%, and in high-load gaming scenarios, it is controlled within 3%. Additionally, the Glacier Battery supports 100W flash charging, making it the only 6100mAh silicon-carbon anode battery with this capability. It can fully charge the 6100mAh capacity in just 36 minutes.

Regarding longevity, the Glacier Battery is said to maintain a health level of at least 80% after four years of use. It utilizes a new “bionic honeycomb structure design,” “silicon-carbon negative electrode life algorithm,” and several other battery life technologies.

OnePlus Ace 3 Pro Smartwatch and Tablet launch soon.

Alongside the Ace 3 Pro, the company teased a new smartwatch, earbuds, and a tablet, with more details to be revealed in the days leading up to the official launch next week.