OnePlus AIRVOOC 50W Wireless Charger launched in India at Rs.5,499 with overvoltage, overcurrent protection

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OnePlus AIRVOOC 50W Wireless Charger launch india.

OnePlus officially introduced its latest flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 12 in India yesterday. Simultaneously, the company unveiled the AIRVOOC 50W Wireless Charger in the same market. The initial implementation of 50W wireless charging technology in a OnePlus phone was seen in the OnePlus 9 Pro back in 2021. Now, this technology makes a return with the AIRVOOC 50W wireless charging device.

Claimed to charge the OnePlus 12 to 50% in just 23 minutes and achieve a full 100% charge in 55 minutes, the charger incorporates a built-in double coil that intelligently detects the wireless charging zone, whether the phone is positioned horizontally or vertically, according to OnePlus.

OnePlus AIRVOOC 50W Wireless Charger design india.

The proprietary air cooling technology plays a crucial role in improving heat dissipation by 23%, ensuring the phone stays cool during the wireless flash charging process. OnePlus also highlights the charger's intelligent sleep mode, which reduces charging power and fan speed while muting the phone during late-night hours.

With a focus on safety, the charger incorporates six security measures, protecting against overvoltage, overcurrent, over-temperature, electrostatic issues, Undervoltage, and foreign objects. The Foreign Object Detection (FOD) feature is designed to identify metal foreign objects like keys and coins, triggering an alarm and automatically cutting off power.

It's worth noting that in addition to AIRVOOC, the wireless charging pad is compatible with products supporting the Qi protocol. The package includes a USB-A to Type-C Cable, and it is essential to use the provided OnePlus charger for optimal performance.

Pricing and Availability -

The OnePlus AIRVOOC 50W Wireless Charger is available in a White color variant, with a price tag of Rs. 5,499. It can be conveniently purchased through the OnePlus India online store and is expected to be accessible at OnePlus offline stores as well.