OnePlus Open Teaser Video Surfaced with Alert Slider, Reveals Similar to OPPO Find N3

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OnePlus open Teaser video image leak.jpg.

OnePlus is preparing to launch its first foldable smartphone the OnePlus Open at the end of October 2023 in the Global Market. During an interview with Unbox Therapy, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau shared a wealth of information regarding the company's foldable smartphone, known as the OnePlus Open. Lau mentioned that OnePlus holds an impressive portfolio of over 600 patents about foldable hinge designs. Specifically for the OnePlus foldable phone, they have secured 35 patents related to the hinge mechanism.

Lau highlighted that in comparison to the hinge found on the OPPO Find N2, the OnePlus foldable boasts a remarkable 31-component reduction in its hinge construction, resulting in a lighter design. Additionally, it is 37% smaller in size compared to the Find N2's hinge. Thanks to enhanced materials, the hinge also boasts increased strength.

OnePlus open leak image 1.

Notably, the OnePlus foldable phone retains its characteristic alert slider on the left side, and it features a side-mounted fingerprint scanner seamlessly integrated into the power button, positioned below the volume controls on the right side.

The device's speakers are located at both the top and bottom. On the bottom edge, you'll find the USB Type-C port and the SIM card slot, while the top edge houses the secondary microphone. The metal frame also exhibits antenna bands.

OnePlus open speaker charger port.

The CEO Pete Lau disclosed that OnePlus is collaborating with Google to optimize apps for the foldable phone, ensuring a seamless user experience. Furthermore, he confirmed that the OnePlus folding phone is the result of a joint effort between the OPPO and OnePlus teams. This collaboration aims to harness the strengths of both teams, with OPPO's expertise in foldable design and camera technologies complementing OnePlus' reputation for delivering fast, smooth experiences, burdenless design, and peak hardware performance.

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Lau went on to mention that the company will employ a distinct strategy for various regions to make the device more accessible to users. Contrary to earlier rumors, it appears that OnePlus is inclined to release the OnePlus Open in more markets, including India, rather than widely distributing the OPPO Find N3.

According to previous reports, the OnePlus Open is slated for release on October 19th, and we can expect to receive the official information very soon. Additionally, OPPO is anticipated to unveil the Find N3 in China later this month.