OPPO launches ColorOS 14 with Android 14 global, rollout schedule for Selected devices

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OPPO ColorOS 14 launch global.

OPPO has unveiled the Global Version of ColorOS 14, commemorating the 10th anniversary of ColorOS, which was initially introduced in 2013 and has since garnered a user base exceeding 600 million global monthly active users.

This latest operating system, rooted in Android 14, incorporates an optimized Aquamorphic Design, intelligent AI features, advanced in-house technology for seamless performance, and fortified safety and privacy tools.

Aquamorphic Design -

Building on the success of ColorOS 13, ColorOS 14 introduces an enhanced Aquamorphic Design that elevates the smartphone user experience. Featuring new sound effects, color schemes, and interactions, the user interface becomes more streamlined and user-friendly.

ColorOS 14 Aquamorphic Colouring System.

  • Fresh Sound Effects - Through a collaboration with experts, OPPO has developed Aquamorphic-themed ringtones, offering users a seamlessly harmonious auditory experience.
  • Adaptive Aquamorphic Colouring System - The enhanced coloring system intelligently adjusts to the smartphone's status, time, and on-screen content, enhancing the effectiveness and intuitiveness of information reception.
  • Aqua Dynamics Design - Introducing a novel design for more intuitive interactions, this feature incorporates familiar shapes into bubbles, capsules, and panels, minimizing disruptions.
  • Always-On Display Upgrade - The acclaimed Always-On Display, named Homeland, now features a new GO Green element, aimed at promoting awareness of climate change.

OPPO ColorOS 14 Go Green AOD.

AI-powered Smart Features -

ColorOS 14 integrates intelligent features powered by AI to elevate the efficiency of daily tasks.

ColorOS 14 Smart Features.

  • Intelligent Touch - Facilitates the seamless collection and organization of content through straightforward selection and drag gestures.
  • File Dock - Streamlines content sharing across applications, enhancing productivity and ensuring synchronization across multiple devices.
  • Intelligent Image Matting - Empowers users to crop subjects from images or paused videos and edit them using various modes.

Enhanced Trinity Engine -

In ColorOS 14, the Trinity Engine has been improved to enhance smartphone smoothness and stability by optimizing ROM, RAM, and CPU vitalization.

OPPO ColorOS 14 Trinity Engine..

  • ROM Vitalization - Liberates memory space, resulting in savings of up to 20GB.
  • RAM Vitalization - Enhances the efficiency of multiple applications and preserves frequently used apps in the background for up to 72 hours.
  • CPU Vitalization - Optimizes the scheduling of system-level computing power, ensuring a smoother user experience.
  • Intelligent Charging and Arctic Mode - AI algorithms adjust charging patterns based on usage, preventing unnecessary battery wear.

Security and Privacy Safeguards -

OPPO ColorOS 14 Picture Keeper.

Emphasizing safety and privacy, ColorOS 14 prioritizes these aspects by incorporating Android 14 capabilities and introducing the Picture Keeper feature. This feature prevents apps from misusing permissions to access personal photos or videos.

Integration of Snapchat with ColorOS 14 -

OPPO continues its partnership with Snapchat, introducing new features like the Snapchat lock-screen shortcut and Snapchat widget for the Shelf. Snapchat is one of the initial third-party apps to seamlessly integrate into the Shelf Card.

Snap Map Widget on Oppo’s Shelf Card -

Users now have the option to add a Snap Map widget to Oppo’s Shelf Card, allowing them to pin a friend’s location, view their latest Snaps and activities, and access it with a simple swipe-down from any part of the OS.

Availability and Rollout -

ColorOS 14 Global Beta Version roadmap.

Commencing today, the official Global Version begins with the Find N2 Flip in selected regions, following the rollout of the ColorOS 14 Global Beta Version that commenced in October.

During the unveiling of ColorOS 14, Haizhou Zhu, ColorOS Senior Product Manager at OPPO, expressed: Our partnership with Snapchat marks a new exploration into the possibilities of smartphone operating systems. By incorporating intelligent, user-centric features developed in collaboration with our partners, we introduce a more intuitive and seamless operating system, enabling users to immerse themselves more deeply in the personalized Snapchat experience and other beloved features on their OPPO devices.