Fully charge your smartphone in just 15 minutes? Here's Oppo Super VOOC Fast Charging

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Oppo Vooc Flash Charge

Oppo today announced its new fast charging tech at MWC 2016, Super VOOC Charging which is capable of fully juicing up a 2500 mAh battery in just 15 minutes.

Not just that, you can get a 45% charge in just in 5 minutes. To make it work, Oppo Super VOOC requires the new Flash Charger plug, a new cable to carry the large amount of charge and a high-quality connector made with military-grade materials and well, a new type of battery as well.

VOOC Super Charging will work on smartphones with both micro-USB and USB Type-C ports. 

Oppo Super Vooc

Oppo said that low-voltage pulse-charge algorithm with the company's own customized battery is a technological innovation which will make its way to upcoming smartphones from the company.

Using the new charging technology, Oppo has been able to get an efficiency of 97% by directly transmitting power to the battery without voltage conversion using the 5V adapter. At present this is still in experimental stage, so there is no clear word on what will happen if you use Oppo's Smart VOOC charger on a non-Oppo smartphone of vice versa.

Stay tuned, we'll get to know more about Super VOOC when the Oppo decides to launch device using the technology.