Qualcomm Unveils 10G Fiber Gateway Platform with Wi-Fi 7 Technology, 10Gbps Speed

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Qualcomm 10G Fiber Gateway Platform launch.

Qualcomm has unveiled the Qualcomm 10G Fiber Gateway Platform, a solution tailored for broadband service providers seeking to deliver enhanced in-home connectivity with Wi-Fi 7 capabilities that are aware of specific applications. This platform is designed in a modular form factor to accommodate various network types and deployment scenarios.

The Qualcomm 10G Fiber Gateway Platform is capable of delivering 10Gbps both to and within the home. Its software-defined architecture combines 10G Passive Optical Network (PON) technology with multi-Gigabit Wi-Fi 7 connectivity, ensuring the seamless transmission of high-speed data with minimal latency to devices throughout the home, including smartphones, PCs, smart TVs, home security cameras, and appliances.

Qualcomm 10G Fiber Gateway Platform features 2.

Utilizing Qualcomm's innovative Service Defined Wi-Fi technology, which establishes a quality of service framework extending from the cloud to individual devices, the 10G Fiber Gateway Platform offers service providers unprecedented control and insights to enhance their subscribers' overall quality of experience.

Qualcomm 10G Fiber Gateway Platform features 1.

The application-oriented orchestration provided by Qualcomm's Service Defined Wi-Fi technology empowers service providers to create a superior user experience based on reliable and fast end-to-end connectivity. This enables service differentiation tailored to specific applications such as gaming, streaming, and optimizing work-from-home experiences supported by employers.

Availability -

  • The Qualcomm 10G Fiber Gateway Platform and Qualcomm Service Defined Wi-Fi technology are slated for commercial availability by the summer of 2024.
  • Charter Communications has revealed a partnership with Qualcomm to introduce an advanced Wi-Fi router, ushering in Wi-Fi 7 and 10 Gbps Wi-Fi capabilities for Spectrum Internet users.
  • Additionally, EE has announced its plans to introduce new in-home hardware in the near future, featuring Qualcomm Wi-Fi 7 platforms, which will enable consumers across the UK to be among the world's first to access the next generation of Wi-Fi.
  • Spectrum customers can expect to access advanced Wi-Fi routers with Wi-Fi 7 capabilities in 2024, while EE's Wi-Fi 7 router is also set to debut in the same year.