Razer working on a gaming focused smartphone?

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Razer Edge 1

If you are a PC gamer, you would be well aware of Razer, the company known for its gaming hardware. But now it seems, after taking a dip into personal computing, Razer is planning to go a bit more personal, yes, they seem to be making a smartphone as well.

Razer CEO recently tweeted out a link to an open position for a "Product Developer (Mobile)" at the company which says that the candidate should have knowledge about ARM systems, and components with knowledge of latest smartphones, tablets and mobile devices.

Okay, so this doesn't exactly mean that Razer is making a smartphone or a tablet, but it may just hint at the company's plans to enter the space. At present its just a hint if anything, and Razer could actually do very well in the space by carving a niche for a design centric gaming smartphone with top of the line hardware and a customized Android OS with gaming specific features and tie-ups with game publishers.

Well, those were my thoughts on the subject. What do you guys think? Should Razer jump into the crowded smartphone space head on or not?

Via: UberGizmo