Red Magic 9 Pro will be launched on November 23 with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC, no camera bump, 6500mAh battery

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Red Magic 9 Pro launch date image teaser cn.

Update - Red Magic has officially confirmed that the upcoming phone will boast an impressive 6500mAh battery, marking the largest battery capacity ever seen in a Red Magic device. Additionally, the phone will feature comprehensive NFC capabilities and an infrared remote control, according to the company.

Red Magic 9 Pro battery camera teaser.

Full images of the Red Magic 9 Pro have been shared by the company, showcasing the phone in three distinct colors: Dark Knight, Deuterium Front Transparent Dark Night, and Deuterium Front Transparent Silver. Despite its support for 80W fast charging, the phone maintains a slim profile with a thickness of 8.9mm and a weight of 229g, only 1g heavier than its predecessor.

Red Magic 9 Pro RGB cn

The images reveal distinctive "Deuterium" and "09" characters, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 logo, and a cooling fan located beneath the camera module. Notably, Red Magic claims to introduce the industry's first custom RGB fan lighting effect, along with innovative RGB gaming shoulder keys.

Red Magic 9 Pro launch date update cn.

Earlier 2 - Nubia‚Äôs Red Magic already confirmed that its next flagship gaming smartphone will be on November 23rd in China. Today, an image showcasing the phone has been shared, revealing a sleek design with a flat frame and screen, devoid of any camera bumps. The phone boasts a thickness of 8.9mm.

The Red Magic phone utilizes specially customized integrated glass for its back. Through a meticulous 15-step process, the company has achieved an integrated design on both the back and lens glass. This design ensures a light-transmitting polarizing effect while being resistant to wear and scratches. Notably, the company has successfully crafted a single piece of back glass that serves as a camera lens, maintaining the phone's slim profile.

Red Magic 9 Pro back design camera cn.

The development of the Red Magic 9 Pro faced challenges related to device stacking. To maintain a flush lens with the back, almost half of the components were re-customized, leading to a complete restructuring and redesign of the device's structure. Remarkably, these modifications were accomplished without an increase in the body's thickness, simultaneously achieving a significant improvement in image quality. Additionally, the company highlights the inclusion of a larger battery and enhanced heat dissipation in the phone.

Red Magic 9 Pro launch date cn.

Earlier 1 - Red Magic officially declared that its upcoming flagship gaming smartphone the Red Magic 9 Pro will be launched on November 23 in China. This revelation was made through a social media post by the gaming division of the brand, where they emphasized that the upcoming phone would not only showcase advancements in design but also in performance, battery life, and screen technology.

The teaser lacked a visual representation of the smartphone. Based on the patterns observed in past Pro models from Red Magic, it's reasonable to anticipate a triple camera arrangement, a built-in cooling fan, and an under-display selfie camera.

nubia Red Magic 9 Geekbench score leak.

As per the Geekbench listing from August, the Red Magic 9 Pro is slated to offer a 12 GB RAM variant with  Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. Nevertheless, it is probable that more robust configurations, such as 16 GB or even 24 GB, will be available. The phone will probably come pre-installed with Android 14, featuring the latest iteration of Redmagic OS. Additionally, a hardware switch located on the side is expected to facilitate the seamless toggling of the gaming mode.

All details will be revealed at the launch next week, but in the days leading up to the event, we can anticipate teasers and trailers providing insights into the device's features.

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