Samsung Introduced Auto Blocker Latest Security Tool for Galaxy Devices

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Samsung Auto Blocker OneUI 6.

Samsung has unveiled a new security feature called "Auto Blocker" for Samsung Galaxy users, which aims to bolster device protection while maintaining user flexibility. Part of the comprehensive security and privacy improvements in One UI 6, Auto Blocker is designed to grant users added security choices within the Galaxy ecosystem.

Auto Blocker introduces functionalities such as thwarting unauthorized app installations, commonly known as sideloading. While sideloading can offer users increased customization options, Auto Blocker provides a means to enable security protocols, guarding against potential threats, particularly social engineering attacks like voice phishing.

This security tool conducts app security checks to identify potential malware and blocks unauthorized software installations via USB cable. Additionally, it enhances Message Guard, ensuring protection against Zero Click attacks, even for third-party applications.

By adhering to the highest security standards in the industry, Auto Blocker reflects Samsung's commitment to security. It empowers users to manage their devices while prioritizing their security. Samsung Galaxy users can access Auto Blocker on compatible devices running One UI 6, promising a more secure and safeguarded mobile experience.