Samsung Teases Galaxy AI Integration for Upcoming 2024 Galaxy Phones

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Galaxy AI Live Call Translation announced features.

With the rapid advancement of AI in smartphones, Samsung is taking significant strides to harness its potential. The company aims to transform the mobile experience through the comprehensive AI capabilities of Galaxy AI. Under the umbrella of One UI 6, Samsung integrated AI-driven enhancements into the Galaxy camera app, enhancing users' photography and videography experiences. Furthermore, it has pledged to extend AI functionalities beyond the confines of the camera app.

Galaxy AI amalgamates Samsung's on-device AI with cloud-based AI through strategic partnerships with industry leaders, promising seamless communication, streamlined productivity, and unbridled creativity. Moreover, the company is poised to leverage its proprietary generative AI model, Samsung Gauss, introduced during the Samsung AI Forum 2023 yesterday.

Teasing the Live Translate Call feature ahead of the Galaxy AI launch, the company ensures real-time audio and text translations during phone calls, eliminating the necessity for third-party applications. Emphasizing privacy and security, Galaxy AI ensures that private conversations remain confined to the device.

With this recent announcement, the company has provided a glimpse of Galaxy AI, slated for an early release next year alongside the launch of the Galaxy S24 series. Anticipate a plethora of additional features upon its debut.

Commenting on the matter, Wonjoon Choi, EVP, and Head of R&D, Mobile eXperience Business, remarked, "Mobile technology has an incredible power to enable connection, productivity, creativity and more for people around the world, but until now, we haven’t seen mobile AI ignite that in truly meaningful ways. Galaxy AI is our most comprehensive intelligence offering to date, and it will change how we think about our phones forever."