Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales to start again on September 28th

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galaxy note 7 sale

After what seems like months of hearing about the recall, Samsung is ready to sell the Galaxy Note 7 again.

Samsung officially announced a worldwide recall of its flagship smartphone with 2.5 million units already in hands of customers. There was a fault in some batteries of the Note 7 which made them prone to overheating and catching fire.

The company has already begun replacing faulty units with new ones in Canada and some other countries. They also confirmed that replacement units will be arriving in the US by September 21. The replacement Note 7 boxes have a black square box on the label instead of the blue "S" which we heard about earlier. But this may depend on the region as well. We have also heard that Samsung will make the battery sign on the Galaxy Note 7 green in color which would help distinguish good from faulty units. But at present it's not known whether this would be limited to South Korea or not.

Now getting back to the Note 7 availability, you would now be able to buy a safe one in South Korea starting September 28th and in "other countries when conditions allow." Samsung would first want to get the replacement units in hands of customers who have already had a troubling experience with the recall and then think about prospective buyers.

If we had to venture an educated guess, the handset would be arriving on shelves again in early October in most regions. This gels in well with reports we have got in India where the Note 7 is expected to go on sale in the first week of October according to inside sources. Its sales were suspended before they began after the global recall.

Source: CNN Money