Xiaomi 14 series will feature a Leica Summilux lens confirmed

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xiaomi 14 series with leica summilux lens cn.

Xiaomi has officially announced that the upcoming Xiaomi 14 series will feature the Leica Summilux lens. In 2022, Xiaomi forged a partnership with Leica. Since then, the company has incorporated Leica optics into various models, including the most recent Xiaomi 13T series.

Xiaomi stated that the camera equipped with the Leica Summilux lens in the Xiaomi 14 series will deliver the most advanced mobile imaging capabilities to date. Additionally, a novel professional high-dynamic image sensor for mobile optics will enable mobile devices to fully utilize and capture images across various situations and scenarios.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra concept phone cn.

Leica Summilux lenses have previously been integrated into HUAWEI phones, as HUAWEI was one of Leica's first smartphone partners. Other devices that have utilized "Summicron" lenses include the Xiaomi 12/13 series, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra concept phone, and Leica's Leitz Phone 2.

Xiaomi 14 with Leica lens.

Recently, some images bearing the LEICA VARIO-SUMMICRON branding have surfaced. Xiaomi has also confirmed the imminent release of the Xiaomi 14 series later this month. Previous speculations pointed to an October 27 launch date, with further details expected to emerge during the Snapdragon Summit on October 24.