Xiaomi Mi Band 2 not launching on May 10th, runs into production issues

By on Email @exolete

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Lei Jun

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with a display was teased earlier by their CEO, Lei Jun and was supposed to launch alongside Mi Max and MIUI 8 on May 10, but the CEO just took to Weibo to announce that the Mi Band 2 launch will be delayed by a month as they could not meet the initial production demand.

Xiaomi is expecting the Mi Band 2 to be a runaway hit like the original Mi Band and is therefore planning to stock for the huge demand. Both the Mi Band and Mi Band 1s have been great contributors to Xiaomi's bottom line in terms of sales and marketshare in the fitness segment.

The Mi Band 2 is expected to come with a display alongwith a physical button to check steps walked, heart-rate, floors climbed and more. At present there is no official word on the exact date of launch, but just that it is going to be delayed by a month.