Samsung Ativ S Reviews

Samsung Ativ S Review at Engadget

Samsung sits atop the smartphone world like a colossus thanks to its Android leadership, but the ATIV S ultimately feels like a third wheel on the Windows Phone 8 bicycle -- in part because it arrived late, but mostly because the design doesn't bring anything exciting to the table. HTC's Windows Phone 8X thrives on its compact, stylized body and helpful (if minor) tweaks; Nokia's Lumia 920 centers on major features for navigators, shutterbugs and cold-weather explorers. Samsung's phone stands out precisely because it's not trying to stand out, relying instead on historically reliable selling points like the slimmest design, the biggest screen and the most expansion.
Some will like it that way. Fans who've been waiting for full SD card support on a top-of-the-line Windows Phone now have that choice -- and it may trump everything else. Converts to Windows Phone and even smartphone newcomers might gravitate toward the ATIV S simply because they'll feel right at home. We genuinely enjoyed carrying one around, and it's a solid choice for those who aren't strongly attached to another mobile operating system (and don't mind the mixed bag of pre-installed apps). And at $100 or less on contract in Canada ($80 at Rogers; $30 at Telus) it's priced quite well. Read more...

Samsung Ativ S Review at TechRadar

Thanks to an excellent build, good specs, beefy storage and an open body design, the Ativ S is an excellent WP8 option. However, its downright frustrating how close it comes to being the ultimate Windows Phone device, only to see it fall short in key places. While HSPA+ 3G is nothing to sneeze at, it'll never touch 4G LTE. Therefore we can't fully recommend it over an 8X or Lumia 920 when it comes to data speeds. There's also the rumored Ativ Odyssey, which is said to have 4G LTE on Verizon. That makes us want to hold off altogether until that device comes into the spotlight.
Then when you compare it to an Android phone, or the iPhone 5, it's defintely wanting in the app department. There's also the lack of turn-by-turn directions, which every other phone ecosystem has. Ultimately, the Ativ S is good, but painfully held back from greatness. The hunt for the ultimate Windows Phone continues, but if you want a device that's subdued but stylish, and will have a cheaper data rate than an LTE phone, the Ativ S is right for you. Read more...