Samsung Galaxy Ace Reviews

Samsung Galaxy Ace Review at TechRadar

Had users snapped this handset up a year ago when it first came to market, they no doubt would have been thrilled with their budget smartphone that came brimming with a variety of bells and whistles.

A year on, however, and the Samsung Galaxy Ace fails to make a splash, slipping behind a fleet of strong competition and already in line to be replaced by its own successor.

A slightly disappointing battery adds further issues to the Samsung Galaxy Ace's limited bag of tricks, with the handset never really finding its footing following its stilted start with poorly placed buttons.

As with most tech products that have celebrated their first birthday, the Samsung Galaxy Ace is showing its age. It features an array of specs that now fail to set the handset apart from its competitors and a user experience that - thanks to its Android basis - is a pleasure to use but all too common. Read more...

Samsung Galaxy Ace Review at Pocket-lint

The Samsung Galaxy Ace doesn’t really step out of its remit as a budget smartphone. It has many rivals in this area: the INQ Cloud Touch offers a similar range of specs but with a stronger leaning towards Facebook, then there are the likes of the HTC Wildfire S or the Orange San Francisco, which find themselves delivering similar performance and all offering good value for money.

Ultimately, if multimedia isn’t important to you, then the Samsung Galaxy Ace offers the flexibility of Android effectively and in a clear and hassle-free package. But the Galaxy Ace doesn’t really offer up anything truly distinctive outside its good looks. For some that might just be enough, but others might be drawn to slick interface highlights elsewhere. Read more...