Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Reviews

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Review at CNET

If you're in the market for a new pay as you go blower, and have less than £200 to spend, the Ace 2 is an excellent all-rounder. It has a decent amount of power, a clear screen and audio that's easy on the ear. It's not a great looker but it's a solid performer, giving you a route to scores of apps on Google's Android platform.

Android enthusiasts won't like the fact the phone runs the Gingerbread version of the OS, which is long in the tooth now, but it's still powerful and capable enough for pay as you go buyers not to be disappointed. 

If you're buying SIM-free or on contract, there are more competitive choices out there, like the Sony Xperia U with the former or the Galaxy S2 with the latter, so the Ace 2 wouldn't be worth your while. Read more...

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Review at Pocket-lint

We like the Ace 2 a lot. It's a sensibly priced phone that, while not overflowing with high-end features, holds its own in a busy market. The screen is good, the build quality is excellent, and as a phone, it excels at the phone tasks that often get forgotten in reviews.

It's a good size too, you can operate it easily with one hand - all too hard on big-screen handsets - and it fits in pockets and bags without any problems. It's also sturdy enough to carry around without worrying you'll break it at a moments notice.

Problems are, on the whole, minor too. The camera isn't brilliant, but it works well enough for tweeting, Facebook and other similar. Overall, we like the Ace 2, it's not as exciting as a flagship handset, but it's also more than half the price. Read more...

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Review at TechRadar

A warning signal to its handset competitors, Samsung's reign of power is quickly moving away from the one-off flagship Galaxy S devices, with the Ace 2 firmly rooting itself as a mid-market challenger with a near budget price point that will appeal to many.

Not the most media savvy of devices on the market, the Ace 2 makes up for small niggles and limited features by mastering what it offers. Exceeding expectation on multiple fronts, the second-generation would be a wise buy for any first time or returning smartphone owner. Read more...