Apple announces iOS 10 at WWDC 2016

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Ios10 Update

Siri is getting the biggest update with iOS 10, just announced at WWDC 2016. Along with Siri there are a lot of updates coming with iOS 10.

Let's have a look at some of the new features that were announced:

First up is the Universal Clipboard which syncs content that you copy from one device to another. So, whether you have copied something on your iPhone or Mac, it will be available on both devices. You also have a Lift to Wake feature which would wake up the iPhone as soon as its picked up.

Your Desktop on the Mac with MacOS will now sync on your iPhone as well. Along with this Apple also announced that your apps will be synced on Apple TV and your iPhone, meaning any apps installed on your Apple TV will also be installed on your iPhone. There's a new Apple Remote app to control AppleTV as well.

There is a re-designed lockscreen which allows for quick reply right from the notifications using 3D Touch. You now also have widgets in the Today view. You can access the camera from the lockscreen by swiping right, while if you swipe left you get access to widgets. Quick replies are similar to what Google has done with Android N.

The Control Center has been simplified and you now have a dedicated pane for with audio control and album art. Apple is also opening up Siri to developers. With this third party developers will be able to add in their own hook into Siri, for eg. you would be able to say something like send a WeChat to a contact and Siri will open up the app with your message.

Ios10 Siri Third Party

The digital Assistant will also learn from what you type. With contextual learning Siri will be able to fill in data in your calendar automatically based on your conversations.

Photos App on iOS 10 was next to get an update. With computer vision, the new Photos app can now recognize faces, location, objects and groups your photos based on relationships. Then you also have a Memories tab which creates a short video with music for a particular event automatically without any intervention or need to select photos.

This is similar to what Google Photos already does but its coming for the first time on the iPhone.