Here's how you can watch Google I/O Keynote Livestream and in VR

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Google Io 2016 Livestream

Google I/O 2016 is about to start in a couple of hours and here we have links for the live-stream on YouTube. You can also watch in in VR through Google Cardboard.

If you are a tech enthusiast or follow Google even a little bit, you would already be aware of the biggest event of the company, I/O 2016 which is about to start later today. There are a lot of new and exciting announcements lined up, which you can have a look here

Now, you may not have traveled to the US to watch the event, or couldn't get tickets. Fear not, Google will be live streaming the Keynote of I/O 2016 and you can watch it below:

Watch Google I/O Keynote Live-stream

The Keynote starts at 10AM (PDT), you can check the timing based on your region below:

  • San Francisco: 10AM
  • New York: 1PM
  • London: 6PM
  • Berlin: 7PM
  • New Delhi: 10:30PM
  • Beijing: 1AM (May 19th)
  • Sydney: 3AM (May 19th) 

After the keynote there a bunch of other events as well, but those videos would be uploaded once the sessions are over.

You can also experience the Google I/O 2016 in Virtual Reality, all you need is a Google Cardboard or a similar VR Headset and a phone that supports it. If you have those just click this link and join in at the above mentioned time for the 360-degree experience.