How to Take Great Photos Using a Smartphone

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Smartphone cameras have come a long way over the years and their capabilities are nothing to sniff at. However as good as these cameras are, if you want to take great photos using your smartphone your technique will matter just as much.

While there is a lot to learn when it comes to photography techniques, to start here are a few things that you should try:

Be aware of the lighting

For your photos to look good there needs to be sufficient light – otherwise they may have a washed out appearance. However where that light is positioned relative to the scene that you’re capturing is also important, as if there is a bright light in the background it could make the rest of the elements appear shadowy and lack detail.

Make sure the camera is steady

Many people find it difficult to hold smartphones steady when taking photos – which can be a big problem. Try holding it in landscape mode with both hands and keep your elbows locked near your body. If you still have difficulties, you may want to look into a camera holder of some kind.

Get close instead of using the zoom

Although your smartphone camera should have a digital zoom it is always preferable to actually get physically close to the subject rather than using it. In some cases, it may even help you to frame the subject better.

Try taking photos from different angles

More often than not when you snap photos using your smartphone you probably do so from eye-level – since that is the natural pose you’re in. However trying out different angles could alter how you frame your photos and improve them dramatically – so be sure to do so.

Use the ‘rule of thirds’

Essentially the ‘rule of thirds’ is a popular photography technique that divides the frame by breaking it down into thirds both vertically and horizontally. In some smartphones, you can turn on a ‘grid’ that will let you see that visually, and then you can place points of interest at the intersection of those lines to improve the composition of the photo.

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Simply put you could fix most issues in the photos that you snap with your smartphone, or alter its visual appearance completely. All that it takes is a bit of creativity on your part, and Movavi Photo Editor will help you channel that so that it is reflected in your photos.

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