Meizu working on Flyme 6 update with enhanced UI design

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Meizu Flyme 6

Meizu has a different approach to Android skins, atleast when it comes to buttons on the phone. The company is now working on its next generation Android interface dubbed Flyme 6 which is supposed to be more colorful, intuitive and help plan your events, travels.

Flyme Interaction Chief Head, Yi Peng described what they were going for with Flyme 6 in a recent interview where he described the usage scenario of a travel to a particular destination where your Meizu phone running Flyme 6 would be able to make arrangements for when you arrive. It seems with the new update Meizu is working to integrate several services in the phone like booking hotels, cabs, restaurants and more.

Meizu Flyme 6 1

Flyme 5 was launched last year in September and the Meizu M3 Note which was recently launched in India features the updated skin which still runs on Android Lollipop. Meizu said at its launch event that all phones in India will be updated to Flyme 5 by the end of the month.

Coming back to Flyme 6, which is expected to be based on Android Marshmallow, is not coming anytime soon. The company is still working on optimizations and getting rid of bugs in the test build.

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Source: MyDrivers (Translated)