Nokia Lumia 520 deflects bullet, saves Police officer's life.

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Lumia 520 Saves Officer From Bullet

We all know how sturdy Nokia phones are. But one of them just saved a Police officer's life by deflecting a bullet. The story goes like this. On May 1st, 24-year old military police officer went to his parents house to ask his mother to wash his uniform. But there was a robbery going on at his parent's house with his mom and dad hostages. The criminals saw the uniform in his hands, understanding that he is a police officer, shot two rounds at him.

While one of the shots missed him, the other one hit the Lumia 520 in his pocket. The smartphone died on the spot, but saved its owner from a grueling ordeal. Although, the thieves were able to get away with phones, jewelry, and are yet to be apprehended.