Norway is the first country to shutdown FM Radio - Probably won't ever happen in India

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Norway has decided to kill FM Radio and the controversial move comes in the wake of huge opposition on switching off FM Radio from the general public.

According to an opinion poll conducted by Dagbladet, sixty-six percent Norwegians opposed switching off FM Radio while only 17 percent were in favor and rest were undecided. But even then the parliament has given the go ahead based on the fact that digital networks will be able to broadcast more channels.

Norway may be the first country to stop using FM Radio, however, Britain is expected to come to a decision by the end of 2017 and Switzerland by 2020. There are several other European nations looking to permanently stop using FM Radio frequencies.

As already shown by the opinion poll, not everyone is happy and Ib Thompson, an MP from the Progress Party in Norway added:

We are simply not ready for this yet. There are 2 million cars on Norwegian roads that don't have DAB receivers, and millions of radios in Norwegian homes will stop working when the FM net is switched off. So there is definitely a safety concern.

The Norwegian city of Bodoe will be the first to shutdown FM Radio on January 11th followed by the rest of the cities.

Source: Reuters