Report: Project ARA is dead, no modular smartphone from Google

By on Email @MohitKuldeep

google project ara developer edition

If you have been wondering what a modular smartphone from Google will look like? I have some bad news for you. It is being reported that Google has shelved its Project ARA smartphone.

This comes in as quite a surprise given that just back in May 2016 at Google I/O the company had announced that the Project ARA device will be making it to the hands of developers and partners by late Q3 or early Q4. However, it now seems that the modular smartphone dream has been killed.

Google is planning to streamline its hardware efforts and the earlier report on renaming its Nexus line-up to Pixel smartphones may just be another part of the puzzle. Project ARA smartphone may see the light of day at some point as according to the report, Google will license the technology to developers and others hardware manufacturers.

Modular smartphones generated a huge buzz in the industry for being able to bring reusable components which would prolong the life of our devices. LG G5 showed off the first commercial application of the concept with a modular battery and accessories. But its was Motorola that brought a better execution using snap-on accessories which attach magnetically to its MotoZ line-up. But even then these snap-on cases and accessories didn't live up to the potential that Project ARA was offering.

The aim was to make modules for larger battery, additional speakers, camera and other components which could be changed on the fly. But as we have seen with its execution before, the idea is difficult to implement. The cost of production of these modules may outweigh their usability even if they increase the life of your smartphone by a year or two.

Source: Reuters