This is what Samsung's foldable phone will look like

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Samsung hasn't been shy about foldable screens and the possibility of a foldable smartphone in the future. But it seems, the dawn of flexible smartphones is not that far off.

In a new patent filing, Samsung has just revealed the design of its upcoming Galaxy X foldable smartphone. The device is said to have a hinge in the middle with the display being flexible on the other end. Coming to that display, it won't use the normal 16:9 aspect ratio you see on most smartphones today. Even the design of the phone looks more like a flip phone from the past but instead of a display and keypad at the two ends, it as a display running through.

The hinge does look similar to what Microsoft has done on the Surface Book, but making it work on such a small form factor would surely be a challenge. Another thing that some of the images of the patent highlight is the presence of the home buttons with possibly capacitive buttons flanking it.

At present though, there is no word if or when the first foldable smartphone from Samsung is going to be released. We have already seen something similar from Lenovo at TechWorld 2016. But neither of the company's are bullish on the prospect of launching such a device. Let's hope 2017 is the year of truly flexible smartphones, which are not just part of tech showcases.