Samsung OLED laptop Teaser Release with under-display camera, 93% screen-to-body ratio

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Samsung Laptop under display camera 1

We all know that Samsung is working on its latest OLED display technology for its upcoming devices. Now, the Samsung Display has posted a new teaser video on their Weibo account, which shows its upcoming laptop with under-display camera technology. It uses Samsung BLADE BEZEL display technology that offers a 93% screen-to-body ratio with the new under-display camera that reduces the top bezels.

Samsung Laptop under display camera 1

The company also shows in the video that the thickness of the 13.3-inch laptop’s OLED Samsung display is just 1.0mm and weighs just 130g, as compared to traditional displays with a thickness of 2.1mm and weight of 180 grams. Samsung Display has recently introduced its new brand logo “Samsung OLED” for its OLED products.

Samsung Laptop under display camera 3

It Looks like Samsung could be the first one to introduce it in Notebooks with the under-display camera, but some rumors also hinted that it might arrive in smartphones soon. As we all know that Xiaomi and OPPO had been working on under-display camera technology for their smartphones for the past few years. We can expect the Samsung notebook with under-screen camera technology will be arriving sometime later this year.