Samsung may be working on a projector smartwatch

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Cicret Bracelet Projector

Samsung is known for innovation, some of which may not even see the light of day. But a new innovation has just caught out eye, as the company has filed a patent for a smartwatch with a projector which can be used as a secondary display. The image you see above is that of the Cicret bracelet which is currently running a funding campaign to get their own projector bracelet thingy in play.

Right now, the biggest limitation for smartwatches apart from battery-life is the amount of information that can be displayed on a coin sized display, with lots of taps and scrolls, the idea of making our lives easier with a connected device hasn't found the right fit, yet. 

Samsung Projector Smartwatch

But Samsung wants to change that with a Virtual UI which would be projected through the smartwatch onto your hand and it would be able to recognize your taps, gestures possibly using an array of infra-red sensors. Samsung is also planning to incorporate the technology into VR headsets, but that integration is a bit difficult to decipher atleast from the patent application.

Samsung Projector Vr Headset Gearvr

In theory its similar to what we have seen with laser projection keyboards but if Samsung can figure out displaying text and images with the Virtual UI, we are looking at a potential game changer in the wearable space.

Via: Phandroid

Source: USPTO