Twitter will stop counting images, video and other links in its 140 character limit starting September 19th

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As we had reported back in May, Twitter will stop counting images, video, other attachments as well as quoted tweets in its 140 character limit. The extra leg space will allow for more creative messages on the social media platform. Twitter started with SMS, which were limited to 140 characters. Now the company is looking for more engagement from its current user base and bringing in new people, who found it quite restricting.

Usernames will also not be counted when you are replying to a tweet. There was talk earlier that Twitter would be increasing the character limit on the platform, a move that was vehemently opposed by the twitterati and later Jack Dorsey himself praised the 140 character limit. Indeed, it's this limit that boosts creativity and makes Twitter more engaging.

The new move towards longer tweets seems to be in the right direction, it would help users focus more on content rather than the constraint of including images and videos. This would also mean that we are going to see a lot more images, videos shared on the platform.

There has been no official announcement from Twitter yet, The Verge however has confirmed that the new longer Tweets will start rolling out September 19. At present there is no word as to whether all the features, or some of them will roll out coming Monday.