US may ban Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on flights

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galaxy note 7 faa ban

Samsung's troubles with the Galaxy Note 7 are far from over. Even though the company proactively took the step to do a mass recall of its flagship smartphone, the ever reaching consequences of a fire hazard on a device which we keep so close to ourselves are just showing up.

The US Federal Aviation Administration considering banning the Galaxy Note 7 with faulty batteries from flights. Here's what the agency said in a statement:

The FAA and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration are working on guidance related to this issue. If the device is recalled by the manufacturer, airline crew and passengers will not be able to bring recalled batteries or electronics that contain recalled batteries in the cabin of an aircraft, or in carry-on and checked baggage.

Previously Oculus also issued an advisory to not use the GearVR with the Galaxy Note 7 until you got a replacement. The FAA had earlier banned Hoverboards on flights for the very same reason of exploding batteries.

Coming back to the FAA, they have said that a final decision has not yet been taken. Although Samsung did a voluntary recall on its own, they did not consult the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, which may be the reason that the FAA can't intervene yet. Given that there is practically no easy way of telling which are the defective units or replacements of the Galaxy Note 7, FAA may opt to ban the smartphone on planes till replacements start arriving in the US.

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