YouTube app no longer available on FireTV, redirects users to Silk and Firefox browsers

By on Email @exolete

Google had already said they would be removing access to the YouTube app on FireTV from January 1st, but Amazon jumped the gun and has disabled the app yesterday.

When you now try to open the app, it redirects you to download Silk or Firefox web browser to watch content on YoTube.

Both Amazon and Google have been involved in a childish anti-consumer fight over the last few years. Amazon first decided to remove Google Home products from its website, and Google retaliated by removing access to YouTube. This is not the first time the two giants have butted heads.

Things were looking good as of last week when we heard that Google and Amazon had started talks. But later The Verge learned that they weren't as productive as hoped. Reports also started to emerge that Amazon was possibly looking to build a YouTube rival, which may have further derailed talks.

In this fight between the Google and Amazon, it is only the consumer who is losing. Removal of YouTube from FireTV would sure affect users, as would Amazon's decision to remove Google Home products from its store. For now, there seems to be no truce in sight. What do you think about this childish fight between the two giants? Would this change your decision about buying Amazon's FireTV? Let us know in the comments section.