Did a Nokia 301 save a man's life in Afghanistan by taking a bullet for him?

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nokia 301 saves man from bullet

Nokia smartphones have been known for surviving even the harshest of punishments thrown at them. The Nokia 3310 became a meme, the highest degree of praise afforded to anything on the internet, due to its sheer propensity to survive pretty much everything that it went through.

In similar fashion the Nokia 301, has also saved a man's life in Afghanistan by taking a bullet for him. In the image above you can see the bullet still lodged in the smartphone with the circuit board jutting out of the front. You can also see the back of the phone where the bullet had allegedly entered the phone.

The Nokia 301 was launched in 2013, so it's great to see that even the some of the last feature phones that Nokia built still manage to keep the same excellent built quality as their predecessors.

But given the day of the internet age, there are always a few cynics around present company included. Firstly the image was shared by Peter Skillman, who used to work as a Nokia executive and had a hand in developing the phone in question. Although now he is at Microsoft where even Nokia's name is Taboo.

When asked about the source or the man who was saved by a bullet by the invincible Nokia 301, Skillman said that it was passed to him by a coworker, so a dead-end there too. I am no expert here, but the bullet too seems to be in pretty good shape considering it was first shot from a gun and then struck a very hard object. Coming back to Skillman, he later shared a story from way back in 2012 when a Nokia X2 has stopped a bullet in war torn Syria, so even he wasn't too sure about the source. If I remember correctly there was a Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone too that saved a Police Officer's life back in 2014. Yes, Nokia smartphones have had a history of stopping bullets but this just seems a bit too convenient.

Anyways, you can be the optimist here and pray that the same built quality is carried forward to the next-gen Nokia Android smartphones which have already started appearing on benchmarking websites.

Source: Peter Skillman (Twitter) Via: Telegraph