Samsung Galaxy S8 to feature their own digital assistant

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After the acquisition of Viv Labs, it was clear that Samsung was going to bring its own digital assistant to the Galaxy S8. That is exactly what the company confirmed last week along with some details on how it is going to work.

The new AI powered digitial assistant will provide an open platform for developers to tap into. Samsung VP Rhee In-jong said that at present you need separate apps to accomplish tasks like ordering a cab, food but with the new AI platform you will be able to do all that with voice commands without having to open or interact with different apps.

Given that Samsung has its hands in pretty much every corner of the electronics industry, this AI assistant will make it to their other home appliances, connected devices as well and not just smartphones. Rumors have been pointing to the assistant being called Bixby, but there is no confirmation on that.

Providing an open AI platform may just be the key to make the digital assistant more versatile, and its ability to talk to other connected devices would be the cherry on top. Till now digital assistants, be it Siri or the new Google Assistant are restricted to the devices that they run on.

Via: SamMobile