iPhone 17 Series Display could feature anti-reflective and scratch-resistant

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iphone 17 anti reflective scratch resistant display leak.

Apple is purportedly enhancing the display of the iPhone 17 to make it anti-reflective and more resistant to scratches, according to a report by Instant Digital on Weibo. The rumor indicates that Apple has procured specialized coating equipment from Japan and has relocated it to its supply chain in China.

This equipment is likely designated for upcoming iPhones, potentially including the iPhone 17, as it appears too late for implementation in the iPhone 16. This suggests that the iPhone 17 series might feature a display with "super-hard anti-reflective" properties, offering increased scratch resistance.

Presently, Apple promotes its display glass under the "Ceramic Shield" branding, produced by Corning. However, recent advancements, such as Samsung's utilization of Corning Gorilla Armor on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, have pushed the boundaries of scratch resistance and glare reduction.

While the report does not explicitly mention Corning, Apple has a long-standing partnership with them. It remains uncertain whether Apple will transition to Gorilla Glass Armor for the iPhone 17, although it aligns with the assertions made by the Chinese leaker. Alternatively, Corning may offer Apple a comparable technology under a different designation.

Corning and Apple share a robust collaboration, with Gorilla Glass being employed in various Apple products. Apple has also made significant investments in Corning's research, leading to the development of Ceramic Shield.

If this report proves accurate and influences Apple's supply chain, it indicates that we can anticipate the continuation of Ceramic Shield, introduced with the iPhone 12, until at least the autumn of 2025.

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