Moto G Dual-SIM Indian variant Gaming Review

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The dual-SIM Indian variant of the Moto G already proved its might in our benchmark tests where it came out on top in the sub Rs. 20000 segment. So we went ahead and did a two part gaming review of the Moto G Dual SIM. In the first part we played some of the less graphically intensive games while the second part of the gaming review comprises high-end games with some of the most graphically rich games available on the Play Store.

Moto G Dual SIM Basic Gaming Review

In the basic Gaming Review we played Subway Surfers, Temple Run 2, Frontline Commando: D-Day, Dead Trigger 2, RipTide GP2 and Asphalt 7. You can watch the review below.

The Moto G proved upto the task and didn't even flinch with everything we threw at it, even Asphalt 7 which is the most graphically intensive in the bunch played smoothly without a hiccup. Consistent frame-rate was maintained in all games and there was no frame-drops or lag throughout the review. The graphics looked stunning with adequate anti-aliasing making edges look softer.

High-end Gaming on the Moto G Dual-SIM

Although we were not surprised that the Moto G could easily cope up with the basic games it was a totally different ball-game when we considered high-end HD games. We took the Moto G Dual-SIM to the test in our gaming review with Asphalt 8: Airborne, Modern Combat 4 (MC4), NOVA 3, FIFA 14, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, GTA: Vice City and Real Racing 3.

Here we were quite surprised since the Moto G cruised through Asphalt 8 at High settings without any lag or frame-rate drop. It was the same with all the games, there was no lag and consistent frame-rate was maintained throughout. Even with just 1 GB RAM, the Moto G performed brilliantly in our gaming review.


Moto G is not just more powerful that it seems, it might just be the gaming smartphone you have been looking for in the sub Rs. 20000 segment. The only caveat here is the limited storage, the 16 GB variant has about 12.92 GB while the 8 GB variant comes with just 5.52 GB of space. Barring this limitation the Moto G Dual-SIM and its single-SIM counterpart is one of the best phones you can get at this price, even you are a heavy gamer.