Google sold more Pixel smartphones in the first week compared to Nexus 6P

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According to app analytics firm, AppBoy, Google's Pixel smartphones are off to a great start. They analyzed 100 million apps on devices between October 20 and October 27 to get the figures.

The report says that Google Pixel reached 0.016% of global smartphone marketshare while the Pixel XL got 0.020%. Nexus 6P took more than 2 weeks to reach the same numbers. The sales numbers could have been higher if not for limited stock on Verizon and Google.

Sales after the first week increased to 274% for the Pixel and 158% for the Pixel XL which is even better than the Galaxy S7. Although the spike in sales is significant, the number of units sold doesn't hold a candle in front of Samsung's figures for the second week of its flagship launch earlier this year.

Unlike previous Nexus devices, Google has employed considerable resources in marketing the Pixel smartphones and it seems to be working given they are now targeting the general consumer and not the tech-savvy crowd aimed by the Nexus line up.

Source: 9To5Google