Sorry! Your LG G Watch won't be getting the all new Android Wear 2.0 Goodness.

By on Email @exolete

Lg G Watch

Google announced the biggest update to its wearable platform as Android Wear 2.0 which would make your smartwatch more of a standalone device rather than always tethered to your smartphone, then it also gets a tiny keyboard, handwriting recognition and a lot more. Sadly, none of those features are coming to the original LG G Watch.

In response to a customer query, LG replied via its US twitter handle that the G Watch won't be getting the latest Android Wear update as it has been discontinued.

The first G watch, which we are talking about here was launched back in 2014 with similar hardware as many current-gen Android Wear smartphones, therefore its quite strange for LG to take this stance.

But as LG said, the product has been discontinued and they don't want to work on an update for a device that they are not selling anymore.

Via: LG US (Twitter)